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What Would You Ask the President To Change in the Sporting World?

Today was an historical day for our country with the swearing in of President Barack Obama. He has a lot of things he will now have to devote his attention to. However, much has been made about the new President’s love of sports. After President Obama voiced his opinions on the BCS system, many thought changing that flawed system would be one of his goals. He has since stated that he will not use his powers as President to try and initiate changes to it,  but many in the sports media have still contemplated possible changes he could make. Mike and Mike even provided listeners with the one thing in sports they would like to see President Obama change.

Just for the record, I personally think the newly sworn-in President has much more important matters to think about than issues in sports.

But just for fun, I’d like to hear from you. If you could ask President Obama to change one thing in sports, what would it be?