My Super Bowl Prediction

With the Super Bowl just about 4 days away, it’s time for me to make my prediction.

I think the game will be pretty close, closer than many think. The Cardinals are a good team; the Steelers don’t hold as big of an edge as many believe.

Let’s break it down:

The Cardinals definitely have the better offense because it has the ability to just go off. They can score points in bunches. Pittsburgh has a solid offense, but they don’t have that big play ability to go off. However, they’re more run oriented than Arizona, meaning they can control the game clock and manage the game a little better. My vote for the better offensive team still goes to Arizona though.

The Steelers have the better defense, hands down. The Cardinals have a much improved defense over the regular season, but it’s still not as strong as the Steelers’ unit, which is the best in the league.

For special teams, I think the two teams are pretty close. I give the slight edge to the Cardinals though because I think Neil Rackers is one of the best kickers in the game.

The two coaching staffs are extremely good as well. Tomlin and Whisenhunt are both very good coaches in just their second year at the helm. I’m also looking forward to Pittsburgh’s D-Coordinator, Dick LeBeau, matching wits with Arizona Offensive Coordinator, Todd Haley. I actually can’t make a choice with this one. The two staffs are both good and it’s too close to call.

I think Pittsburgh possesses the intangibles, the main of which is experience. Many Pittsburgh players were on the team back when the Steelers beat the Seahawks in Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie year. They all learned from that and know what to expect. Their nerves won’t be as quite on edge as many of the Cardinals will at the start of the game. Kurt Warner has been to the big one before, but have many of the other Cardinals’ players?

Looking at my categories, if I would just calculate who won the most categories it comes out as a tie, 2-2 with one tie. I think the intangibles put the Steelers over the top. My call is Steelers, 24-20.

But just for the record, I will be rooting for Arizona. How can you not (unless of course you’re a Steelers fan or hater)? They’ve been so bad for so long, it would be great to see them win this one.


One response to “My Super Bowl Prediction

  1. I think we’ll all be surprised when Fitzgerald pulls in at least 3 touchdowns. Who’s playing the halftime show?!?

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