NFL Conference Championships: Post-Games Wrap-Up

Now that yesterday’s are over, let’s see how I did. Last week I predicted that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia would be left standing at the end of the day for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. I was half right, going 1-1 with my picks. The Steelers did beat the Ravens, but the Eagles lost to the Cardinals.

The Cardinals-Eagles game was a tough one to pick. I’m not very surprised Arizona won. Read my prediction post, I made this comment in reference to the Cardinals:

And I actually think they could win the game.

They’ve become a good, solid team. They showed that last week in Carolina and proved it to the world yesterday against Philly. We all know about their offense, but their defense has come around. Yes, this really is a championship caliber team.

Did anyone see the sign an Arizona fan was holding during one of Fox’s crowd shots?

“We are who we thought we were!”

(In reference to the famous rant by former Cardinals coach Dennis Green, of course. By the way, has there ever been a better rant by an NFL coach? That one is legendary in my mind. Much better than even Jim Mora or Herm Edwards.)

An interesting point, it doesn’t seem like this Arizona team has not changed much since Green was the coach. Is Ken Whisenhunt the difference? Or has the team finally matured together? Or were they just a few personnel changes away from making the jump (like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)? Hard to say.

I think Pittsburgh proved, after beating Baltimore for the third time this season, that it really is the class of the NFL. They were one of the top teams at the beginning of the season and remained that way for the duration.

My prediction for the Super Bowl will come closer to the big game, since the NFL makes us wait for two weeks….during which we’ll see every angle possible outlined by the news media (which actually could make for another post in itself – stay tuned for that……..)


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