Jim Caldwell – Tony Dungy’s Twin?

No, I’m not insinuating that new Colts coach and recently retired Colts coach Tony Dungy are actually blood brothers. But I’ve been reading a lot of statements like, “Caldwell is not Dungy’s identical twin” in various coverage clips of Caldwell’s appointment as head coach. These statements are coming not only from reporters, but also from team representatives like Colts president Bill Polian making comments like Caldwell isn’t ‘Tony Dungy Lite.’

I guess I don’t really understand why the Colts and others are trying to distance Caldwell from Dungy. I think the Colts could do much, much worse than having Caldwell end up being a clone of Tony Dungy. Personally, if I were a Colts fan, I think I would hope that Jim Caldwell is exactly that – a clone or twin of Tony Dungy. At this point we’ve seen articles all over about Dungy’s NFL accomplishments and strong faith so I won’t go into detail on those. I’ll simply say Dungy is one of the most successful football coaches in the history of the league. I feel like he’s always been underrated. Jim Caldwell learned from one of the best, a guy that in my mind deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame someday. So everyone, please stop with the comments that Caldwell is not a Tony Dungy. Caldwell is his own man, but if he approaches his new job in the same way Dungy formerly did, the Colts will be in a good place and Caldwell will make a name for himself.


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